Legislative Success Story


It is especially rewarding to find out that a legislative solution we developed has such far reaching and positive impact – enough to merit a NY Times article.

Following passage, several HOAs reached out with concerns that the statute would unfairly challenge their ability to maintain the home values of their communities. I am happy to say those fears did not manifest, and they have since found that the provisions for reasonableness give them and homeowners the flexibility to be both good environmental stewards and good neighbors and HOA members.

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Hot topics in consumer protection... (and refreshments!)
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Terri Hill8 months ago
Public Notice for Hearing on Local Bills
Thursday, November 30, 7pm
Click below for details:

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Terri Hill8 months ago
Join Calvin Ball and me on Dec 9th for the Game Changers Expungement Clinic and Community Resource Fair! There will be activities for all ages, spread the word!
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Free rides for Veterans and Active-Duty Military on public transportation in MD on Saturday, Nov. 11, Veterans Day. See details below. It's the least we can do.
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Terri Hill9 months ago
I am greatly saddened by the murder of Maryland Circuit Court Judge Andrew Wilkinson and my thoughts and prayers are with his wife, son, family, friends, and co-workers in this difficult time. I hope the alleged assailant is apprehended quickly before he can do further harm.

There are clearly many layers and policy issues for consideration based on the news reports of the circumstances and motivations. But at this time of such an acute tragedy, the Wilkinson family and community need time and space to grieve. My deepest condolences.
Terri Hill
Terri Hill9 months ago
Today is Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples' Day so we celebrate with our Italian-American communities while also recognizing and honoring our native people and their traditions and cultures. Peace.

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