Legislative Highlights

Priority Issues

Seniors and Vulnerable People

    1. Behavioral health support
    2. Housing
    3. Medical

Workforce training and development


    1.  Funding
    2. Visioncare
    3. Behavioral health

Our children need 21st century resources to prepare them for college and 21st century careers. And because children learn differently and have diverse abilities and interests, we must offer them multiple paths to success.  I am committed to providing the resources needed to strengthen our schools, close gaps in school readiness and achievement, supporting our teachers, and finding creative solutions to the problem of rising costs that are discouraging too many of our best and brightest from pursuing higher education.  I support:

  • Funding public Pre-K for all.
  • Giving teachers more professional development and planning opportunities, and peer platforms for the exchange of ideas.
  • Preparing students for college and 21st century careers through rigorous instruction in STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts and math)
  • Top quality vocational training and career certification programs incorporating expanded education partnerships with businesses and other employers
  • Improving the learning environment by modernizing facilities, relieving overcrowding and upgrading technology.
  • Making higher education more accessible by controlling costs and exploring innovative programs to finance tuition without incurring overwhelming debt.
  • Increasing investments in our community colleges and workforce training programs, to better meet the needs of both young people and older adults.

  • Climate change
  • Climate justice
  • Recycling
  • Conservation
  • Preservation of Maryland’s natural resources
Healthcare, Mental Health, Public Health

Delegate Hill’s healthcare priorities are informed by her life’s work as a surgeon. She will continue to:

  • Work to provide tools to help Marylander’s navigate health care access points and addressing quality of care concerns
  • Eliminate barriers to quality affordable health care
  • Establish effective addiction and behavioral health treatment
  • Lower prescription drug costs
  • Decrease infant and maternal mortality
  • Support adequate provider reimbursements
Social Justice

Address economic, healthcare, environment and education disparities

Terri On the Record
Legislative Summary

Delegate Hill has a voting record of support for Democratic led actions to address systemic problems and progressive priorities like: police reform; expanded access to family planning and safe and affordable abortion services; legalization of medical cannabis; protecting voter rights and expanding access; paid family leave; creating a right to counsel for juveniles during police interrogation; banning the sale of ghost guns; tax cuts for seniors; and, climate change legislation with a goal of making Maryland carbon neutral by 2045; ensured funding of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and Build-to-Learn Acts.

Delegate Hill and her colleagues were on the front line of the COVID crisis with these actions and more:

  • Extended the Governor’s authority to act in this ongoing emergency
  • Provided job protections to workers under quarantine
  • Extended temporary benefits for Coronavirus related unemployment
  • Authorized the Governor to transfer $50 million dollars from the State’s Revenue Stabilization Account to help finance Maryland’s pandemic response
Legislative Highlights

Here are the highlights of Delegate Hill’s legislative accomplishments:

  1. Advocated for expanded access of behavioral health services to students and communities.
  2. Worked to improve educational outcomes by making sure students receive glasses and other vision care needed to learn.
  3. Passed legislation that allows Maryland Peace Corps volunteers returning from out of country assignments to immediately reestablish residency eligibility for in-state tuition rates.
  4. Created a grant program at the Department of Aging to support community not-for-profits in their work helping seniors age in place.
  5. Passed legislation requiring timely notification in English and Spanish to downstream jurisdictions of water contamination caused by sewer overflow or treatment plant discharges.
  6. Improved ease of access to prescription medications, particularly for those with chronic conditions, by eliminating burdensome co-pays, prohibiting unnecessary reauthorization requests, removing process redundancies and capping out-of-pocket costs.
  7. Barred homeowner associations from imposing unreasonable restrictions on the planting of sustainable gardens and lawns.
  8. Enabled Howard County government to implement a disposable bag fee on retail transactions and designated fees to be used for environmental purposes.

Would you like to volunteer with my campaign?

Would you like to volunteer with my campaign?

Lowe House Office Building, Room 404, 6 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
By Authority of Terri Hill
Arlene L. Harrison, Treasurer
4523 Mustering Drum
Ellicott City, MD 21042
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Terri Hill
Terri Hill4 days ago
This is a great opportunity for our middle school students to learn about the legislative process. I hope to see some of you there.

The application deadline has been extended to Friday, Oct. 6 so please apply right here, right now. Bonus yum - breakfast and lunch are included! Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, Inc.

Terri Hill
Terri Hill5 days ago
This is something to note if you are immunocompromised, elderly or a youth. Click the link below for a map of the affected areas.

Not cause for a panic but the doctor in me has taken over…

Terri Hill
Terri Hill7 days ago
It’s time to celebrate the passage of the Maryland Sustainable Buildings Act of 2023!

Safe Skies Maryland is hosting a bird walk on Saturday, September 30 to express their appreciation for the bill’s sponsors, advocates, and other supporters who helped assure passage of the bill.

Did I hear you say you've never been on a Bird Walk? This one would be the perfect introduction. Hope we see a raptor! Please join us. Safe Skies Maryland Maryland Ornithological Society Senator Clarence Lam #birdwalk #fallwarblers #raptorswhereareyou
Terri Hill
Terri Hill4 weeks ago
MD Transportation Authority Job Fair and Open House‼️

More details: https://mdta.maryland.gov/employment
Terri Hill
Terri Hill3 months ago
Hope to see you tomorrow night, June 28, 6pm at The Third.
Terri Hill
Terri Hill4 months ago
Sharing with small business owners…
- Network with Primes, MDTA Procurement Officers and MDTA CRFP Compliance Officers.
- Learn about resources to assist in growing and strengthening your business.
- Understand the MBE/VSBE/DBE Programs and your role as a prime or subcontractor.
Email any questions to: MDTAoutreach@mdta.state.md.us

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