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January 5, 2018


Dear Friends,
On January 10, 2018,  I return to the State House  for the start of my fourth session as  your delegate in Annapolis.  
My freshman term has been a time of  engagement and advocacy, but, also, listening and learning.   Thank you for for being active participants in the legislative process-your letters, calls, visits and testimony at hearings did not go unnoticed and were appreciated. 
At the end of each session, you have welcomed me back to the district, taken the time to tell me what’s on your mind, thanked me for jobs completed and reminded me of  work left undone.  You attended my town halls, met me for coffee and hosted me in your homes, businesses, places of worship and  communities. Through your actions and with your words, you told me what was important to you, encouraged me, shared your insights, knowledge and experience. When we disagreed, we did so without being disagreeable.  
Together we searched for ways to make Maryland a better place and improve the lives and future of its residents; to combat hate and show compassion; to rebuild communities and restore hope; to be generous to those in need, celebrate achievements and support those suffering a grievous loss. 
The 2018 Session promises to be a busy one.  Included among my legislative priorities are a bill to establish concussion protocols for youth sports and a bill to establish a pilot Health Records and Payment Clearinghouse, with the goal of improving health care system efficiencies and  decreased delivery costs.  Also on my agenda are bills protective of the environment  and public health, among others. 
 It has been a honor and privilege to serve as your voice in Annapolis. I hope I have earned your confidence and can count on your support in the upcoming June primary and November general election, when I will seek re-election for a second term.
As a sitting Delegate, I am prohibited from raising campaign contributions during the 90 day legislative session that begins January 10 and ends April 10.  With a June primary, I will have a short time to raise the money needed to wage a winning campaign.  So, I am making a special effort to reach my supporters now.  Would you consider making a contribution before January 10?   All donations are appreciated.  Please click here to donate online. 
To keep up with the legislative session, please follow me on social media and attend our District 12 team town halls.  If you decide to visit Annapolis, I would love to see you.
With gratitude,

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Lowe House Office Building, Room 404, 6 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
By Authority of Terri Hill
Arlene L. Harrison, Treasurer
4523 Mustering Drum
Ellicott City, MD 21042
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Terri Hill
Terri Hill4 days ago
This is a great opportunity for our middle school students to learn about the legislative process. I hope to see some of you there.

The application deadline has been extended to Friday, Oct. 6 so please apply right here, right now. Bonus yum - breakfast and lunch are included! Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, Inc.
Terri Hill
Terri Hill5 days ago
This is something to note if you are immunocompromised, elderly or a youth. Click the link below for a map of the affected areas.

Not cause for a panic but the doctor in me has taken over…

Terri Hill
Terri Hill7 days ago
It’s time to celebrate the passage of the Maryland Sustainable Buildings Act of 2023!

Safe Skies Maryland is hosting a bird walk on Saturday, September 30 to express their appreciation for the bill’s sponsors, advocates, and other supporters who helped assure passage of the bill.

Did I hear you say you've never been on a Bird Walk? This one would be the perfect introduction. Hope we see a raptor! Please join us. Safe Skies Maryland Maryland Ornithological Society Senator Clarence Lam #birdwalk #fallwarblers #raptorswhereareyou
Terri Hill
Terri Hill4 weeks ago
MD Transportation Authority Job Fair and Open House‼️

More details:
Terri Hill
Terri Hill3 months ago
Hope to see you tomorrow night, June 28, 6pm at The Third.
Terri Hill
Terri Hill4 months ago
Sharing with small business owners…
- Network with Primes, MDTA Procurement Officers and MDTA CRFP Compliance Officers.
- Learn about resources to assist in growing and strengthening your business.
- Understand the MBE/VSBE/DBE Programs and your role as a prime or subcontractor.
Email any questions to:

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